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Corporate Management of Schools, Archdiocese of Changanacherry
The corporate management of the Archdiocese Changanacherry is a Corporate Educational Agency where the right is vested in the Ecclesiastical office of the Archbishop of Changanacherry by virtue of his appointment. The educational Agency, Corporate management of the Archdiocese Changanacherry was constituted in December 1951.The Constitution was approved by the Government as -Order C.2 - 54651/63 dated 9-8-67. The constitution and order of approval are given below.

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There are students and schools that become disheartened and stunted in the path of growth, because of financial problems. As the problems of such individuals and institutions were taken up for consideration, teaching and non-teaching staff suggested that a welfare fund may be organised with the contributions from their income.This suggestion was submitted before the late Archbishop Antony Padiyara. After detailed discussions, a welfare fund named EDUCAID was formed and the order of approval was given. The school education committee of the pastoral council played a great role in the birth and growth of this idea.

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Corporate Management of Schools,Changanacherry more  
Students Eligible for Talent Hunt Final Examination 2016-2017 Published in Downloads
List of students eligible for Talent Hunt Final Examination 2016-2017 in DOWNLOADS. Hall Tickets for the final examination will be uploaded in the website. Date of Final Examination will be intimate through E-mail & SMS (to HM/Principal)

Teacher Selection September 2016 - Rank List
Teacher Selection September 2016 - Rank List published in DOWNLOADS

Talent Hunt 2016-2017
Talent Hunt Preliminary Examination 2016-2017 _ Register Nos & Test IDs in DOWNLOADS

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