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About Us

The corporate management of the Archdiocese Changanacherry is a Corporate Educational Agency where the right is vested in the Ecclesiastical office of the Archbishop of Changanacherry by virtue of his appointment. The educational Agency, Corporate management of the Archdiocese Changanacherry was constituted in December 1951.The Constitution was approved by the Government as -Order C.2 - 54651/63 dated 9-8-67. The constitution and order of approval are given below.

The Corporate Manager is approved by His Grace the Archbishop as peprovisions contained in the KER Chapter III Rule 6 as his power of attorney. This appointment is subsequently being approved by the Director of Public Instruction, Thiruvananthapuram.
This educational Agency is constituted to co-ordinate all activities of the School education like selection and appointment of the Staff and transfer, promotion, discipline, and make arrangement for the examination and other activities. The manager is His Grace the Archbishop and the Corporate Manager is his power of attorney. The schools are under the proprietorship of respective parishes or Convents. Who is responsible for the day today tion of the school.
The corporate management functions through the various bodies in the academic, atheletic and developmental activities. These are the Academic Council, The Educaid Association, Selection Board and Committees for Arts and Sports. There are two associations working in the schools one is the KCSL for students and the other the Teachers Guild. The management has also publishes two science magazines and books under the auspices of the Science Eduucation Trust. The management publishes regular hand books for teachers, students and guardians separately.

The management gets advices from the different committees sets up for the purpose, like the Education Committee of the Pastoral Council,Ssub Committee of Presbyteral Council and the Education Council.